Monday, January 28, 2013


It has been a almost year since we returned from Ukraine. There have been a lot of joyful moments for us and for the kids. Roman is happy at school, has lots of friends, and loves sports. He is playing on the school soccer team and is learning baseball. Natalia is happy, does well in school and has made new friends. She loves to ride her bike, dance, and is now in girls softball.  I would say from all accounts, the kids are adjusting well.

 As Don said, it has been a year of adjustments for all of us. In the orphanage,  the kids did not have as many options as they have here. They think they should be able to eat candy, drink soda, and watch TV whenever they want. They fight us on the little things and that can be frustrating at times, but basically, they are very good children. The hard part as parents is to stay firm and keep them unspoiled. Christmas was crazy fun for them getting all those presents. It's a lot easier to give in and say yes, but that is not what's best for them to grow up and be happy, healthy, successful adults. Would we do it again?...see Don's blog below....


  1. I'm so glad I still had your blog in my Bloglines so I didn't miss this post!

    Congrats on one year home. It's definitely life-changing, isn't it? Have been thinking about you guys recently, since the one year anniversary. So glad we got to cross paths in Ukraine.

    Did I ever tell you that I took the photo that is your header picture (with the chalkboard)?

    1. Oh, that is awesome! I didn't realize that you took that photo. That is awesome how we connected!

      I've been thinking about you a lot too as I read your posts on Facebook.
      It's not easy, but it is rewarding to know we have changed their lives.